Brian Smith (scorpio398) wrote,
Brian Smith

Protest at NW Detention Center, Tacoma Sat. 11/11

Protest at NW Detention Center, Tacoma Sat. 11/11

Melt I.C.E.!

Peaceful Protest and Vigil for Human Rights

4-6pm, Sat. Nov 11th

Northwest Detention Center

1623 E. J Street - Tacoma, WA

(360)752-3344 -


Federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents continue to terrorize immigrant communities in Washington State and across the country with increasingly militaristic raids, armed arrests, covert detentions and deportations. We ask that you join us in protest of these aggressive
enforcement tactics and violations of our neighbors' civil and human rights. Many of our friends and neighbors are being held in the privately-run Northwest Detention Center, we want to show them and our community that we do not condone I.C.E.'s terrorist actions against hard working immigrants.
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