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finding the way to Ma's heart

Brian Smith
12 October
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my name's Brian, I'm 21, and my passions are music (I am studying of Tabla, East Indian drums), spirituality, and learning. I love Michelle (dichotomise), my soulmate and fiancee. I'm a student at Tacoma Community College.
I work at Next to Nature, a natural cat & dog food and toys, collars, accessories store in downtown Tacoma (right across from Union Station).

I'm Unitarian Universalist, but I embrace all religions and spiritual traditions. I am seeking Union with the Divine, I am seeking spiritual enlightment, fulfillment, and happiness (but having trouble). I want to serve Mother and serve the World and Humanity (and animals and Nature). I am learning how to be a devotee of Kali and Ammachi and the Divine Mother in all Her forms. I follow aspects of different religions. The spiritual traditions I feel closest to are Hinduism, Jainism, and Mystical Christianity.

I'm shy, though I'm getting a lot better. I want to meet people and talk to them and have friends and learn things and share wisdom with others, but sometimes it's hard to talk to people. But I'm getting much better.

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Are you vegetarian/vegan in Tacoma or surrounding area? or not vegetarian but interested in vegetarianism or animal rights? Join our e-mail newsletter at ssoar@hemp.net or visit our website: SSOAR website
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Check out my myspace at scorpio398 myspace.

If you go to Tacoma Community College, check out the community: tacomacc


Michelle and I are selling books and cds:

Our Half.com shop.

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